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Deep in the Night

Is Where Hunter Lies

Raelin Wyatt
Name: Raelin “Rae” Wyatt
Age: 24
Gender: 100% Female
Country/Organization/etc: Terra
Race: Shape-shifter
Occupation: Thief/Bandit/Mercenary

As a young child, Raelin was washed off the shores of southern Chikyuu by a poor, but kind elderly fisherman who lived near by. He found that she had strange abilities that no other creature had and that was the ability to change form into a wild cat and that she had her own cat like reflexes. Despite his age, he adopted her as his own daughter and named her after his own daughter who had passed away long ago--Raelin. He would tell her stories of his life and of tales of the sea and taught her to fish that she became an expert on fishing herself.
However, one morning the elderly fisherman passed away when Raelin was only ten years old, which was a very hard moment, follow by what happen afterwards. She was forced to survive on her own through pick pocketing and stealing in her only ways of survival. Her reflexes speed and grace made her a natural thief allowing her to get away with it as well as escaped from officers. Eventually, she would sneak aboard a ship to Terra across the Madesco Sea and depart at Fortuna City, which was the city of thieves and bandits and make her own reputation there.

Appearance: Her long hair a golden brown and her eyes are golden and almost similar to a feline’s eyes. She’s slender and not incredibly tall and stands at five foot five inches. Usually she has her hair up into a messy bun or a low ponytail. She wears a headband around her head. Raelin with be mainly portrayed by Azumi/actress Ueto Aya from the movie Azumi.

Personality: Somewhat arrogant and sly. She loves a challenge whenever presented. Some may even call her a little sadistic and a little blood thirsty. It’s not entirely easy for her to trust others considering she’s a bandit, though there are a few people that have earned her trust. However there is a gentle side to her, especially if its something that relates to her grandfather such as fishing, singing, etc.

Weapons: Twin daggers usually.

Abilities/Powers: Being a shape-shifter, she is able to talk to animals (mainly felines) and transform into an animal. Though she rarely transforms, she usually would transform into a panther or a cheetah. Even in her true form she has some physical attributes of a feline such as speed, grace and reflexes. Her canine is slightly pointier than those of a regular human’s.

Other Notes: Her favorite food is fish. Go figure.

[Raeling Wyatt is a fictional character played by lone_child in the fantasy role-play community, the_peacemakers . The character Raelin belongs to lone_child .]